Monday, July 18, 2016

Yoga Frog Repair

My Yogi at NWA Hot Yoga had an accident with a ceramic frog. I volunteered to see if I could repair it.

I pondered the engineering aspects of the repair for several days. After I was all finished (I thought), I found some source images online. Engineering clouded my usual research mind. As I started to write this blog post, I just had to try to remedy the fact that I had made the on top leg mold into the under leg. AND, the thumb is like concrete, so there is not anything i can do to that :)

There is a full process video on YouTube HERE, and I'll do some step-out instructions below.

Narrow Craft Sticks or Popsicle sticks
Glue Gun
Aluminum Foil
Masking Tape
Creative PaperClay
Chiffon fabric or other smooth fine fabric
Transparent PaverPol
Acrylic Paint
Sand-Its (optional)

Arrange the craft sticks in position, and use a generous amount of hot glue to make sure they are anchored well in the opening.  Begin to form the toes and foot with aluminum foil. With the masking tape, wrap the foil so it will be sturdy.

Roll out the Creative PaperClay to 1/16"-1/8" thick. Cut in strips to apply to your frame. Use water sparingly to smooth. Allow to cure several days. I used an Activa Clay Roller Kit HERE

Cut the chiffon into small pieces and apply to dried foot in a collage like manner. I brushed PaverPol on the foot, placed the fabric on, and brushed over top of it. Repear until you have all the clay covered. Bring several long strips around the leg for more support. I put some strips on the other leg to match the texture. 

Let the PaverPol cure several days. I sanded the rough edges with a Sand-It tool. Using acrylic paint to closely match the original ceramic, paint the foot. If necessary, bring the paint up the body to further disguise the repair.

I was not happy with the shape of the top leg (the one repaired), so added some PaperClay to define the leg and lengthen the toes. When it cures, I will repeat the PaverPol and paint steps.

I love these products! They play very nicely together. I wasn't able to duplicate the smooth surface of the ceramic, but that would have required clay and firing, and may have been destructive to the frog.


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