Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Napkin Rings

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today.  Can you believe Christmas is only 2 days away?  Are you ready?  I have to say, I'm as ready as I'm going to be.  My last project for this year is a set of napkins rings for the holiday dinner table. 

I began by taking a paper towel tube and covering it with plastic wrap.  The plastic wrap will allow you to easily remove the paper towel tube once the Paverpol has dried.

Next, I cut fabric slightly bigger than the tube and placed it in Transparent Paverpol

After squeezing out the excess Paverpol, I wrapped it around the paper towel tube.

I allowed it to dry overnight.  Then I was able to pull the tube out.

Using the Proxxon Jig Saw, I cut the Paverpol tube into 4 pieces.

I love the variety of details on the individual rings so I simply spritzed them inside and out with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.  As they dried, each one took on a different look based on how the Paverpol set.

Once dry, I wrapped each piece with gold May Arts ribbon and added some pearl twine.  They look so festive!

Don't they look amazing?

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Simple Cuff

This is the most simple project I have made to date with

I made a simple cuff...that can be embellished
if I want to.

I started out with a small piece of scrap material...
using a paint brush I added transparent Paverpol to it.
Making sure is was covered all over.

I ended up adding s few extra scraps of material and folding
it up inside.

Honestly I could havemade it a bit bigger but initially I was
going to tie it together or use chain...then changed my mind.

Using a bottle I laid it over it to try to create a shape.

But that made it a bit to wide for my wrist so I changed the bottle for some wire.

I really wanted a metallic look so I painted it black and started adding
some gold, bronze and aged bronze paint.


Again real simple, yet a fun project to create.
And it doesn't use a lot of product!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow Much Fun with Paverpol

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today.  It's getting colder each day and you know what that means?  Snow isn't too far away.  So today's project reflects what is sure to come!!

I began by preparing my canvas.  I wanted to create a shadowbox, so I used the reverse side and painted it with gesso.  I spritzed the upper half with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.  Once dry, I added snowflakes by using molding paste through a stencil.

I cut white mesh into two lengths and dunked them in Transparent Paverpol.

After pulling out the mesh, I squeezed it to remove the excess Paverpol.
I placed the mesh along the bottom of the canvas.  Using a pick and my fingers, I moved the mesh around inside the canvas until I was happy with it's placement.  I wanted to create fluffy snow so I added more mesh along the outside of the canvas pulling it until I was happy with how it looked.  I knew that Paverpol would be perfect for my snow scene.

I stamped the snow people then fussy cut them.  For dimension I matted them on black cardstock and fussy cut them again.  Finally, I added some dimensional paint to the scarves and hats to add some color.

 Look at all that dimension.  I love how the "snow" flows around the snow couple

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Lighted Angel

Today I want to show you an angel I made using 
lace, beads, tulle, masking tape, aluminum foil and lights.
OH and a bit of Paverpol!

 A friend of mine was looking over my shoulder as I was perusing Pinterest..
checking out all the amazing creations that have been made
using the Paverpol product. Upon seeing an angel she asked
if I could do that.
OF COURSE I replied....inside thinking all I can do is try.

I started out with the basics...making a head and torso with aluminum foil
and masking tape.
 This was my first try...

As you can see I added a clay mask to the face.
Looks good right?
Well it was not going to work.
I could not get the arms to go down where I wanted them.
I tried to heat them...which worked a bit but the face started to get melty.
Then I tried to snip under the arms and snipped a bit to far.
So I decided to try to make it in pieces.

The reason I needed the arms together was I wanted her to be holding a
light BUT the bodice of the dress has beads and is thick.

After I attached the bodice piece I added the arms using some Paverpol and
a little piece of wire. I notched the hands in the back so the light could come up behind the skirt 
and attach to the hands.
Kinda got ahead of myself but it all worked together.
So I found a piece of lace I fell in love with...cut it to the size I wanted, sewed the
top to make a gather and then laid it out to be covered in PP.
At this point I also added a layer of tulle to give the underside more
support for the light strand to attach to.
I only waited until it started to harden..about 2 and half hours so that it
could be attached to the torso and molded the way I wanted.

I missed a few steps I wanted pictures of...the inside where the lights
were attached and of the wings but we are way passed that now!

This was before the wings and hair were added.

I didn't like the front hang of the skirt so I heated it up,
 then pulled and stretched to get it right.

VIOLA no wrinkle at the bottom!
Have I said how much I love working with this product!

I added the wings and hair using the transparent PP as well.
You can see where the PP has not completely dried on the hair...but once it 
did it looked amazing.

This was my first real try at painting a face...that is 
the only thing I wish turned out better!

She ended up being about 18" tall and has 55 lights.
I may just make one for me!
Products I used:


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paverpol Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe by Linda Ann Smith

Each month I post a challenge about an artist that was born in that month on my Facebook group called Studio A B See.  This month the artist was Georgia O'Keeffe.  

My work:  I worked with an old bed sheet, Paverpol, and ColourArte paints.

An O'Keeffe Floral

O'Keeffewas born on November 15, 1887, and is well known for her huge florals.  She once said of her florals, “I decided that if I could paint a flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.” O’Keeffe is considered the mother of American Modernism.

Click on the video below to see watch the process I used to create an abstract flower bowl.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Colors of Fall Shadowbox

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with a canvas shadowbox depicting fall.  I love everything about fall from the changing colors to the crunchy leaves to the cooler temperatures.

Today's project reflects the colors and textures of fall.

Use the Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter to cut a Smoothfoam ball in half.

Use Paverpol Light Flesh Tone with fabric and wrap the fabric around one of the half balls.  Twist the fabric at the top and allow some fabric folding for dimension.

Paint another layer of Paverpol on top and add some Pavercotton and paint another layer of Paverpol to seal.

Wrap the 2nd half ball with fabric painted with Transparent Paverpol.

Paint the canvas with assorted colors of paint.  Cut burlap to fit the canvas.  Paint with Transparent Paverpol and adhere to the canvas with additional Transparent Paverpol.  As well as a hardener, Paverpol acts as an adhesive.

Paint real leaves with Transparent Paverpol.  Allow them to fully dry, then paint a second layer of Transparent Paverpol on both the front and back of the leaves.
Assemble all the elements in the shadowbox using Beacon Adhesives.   Add additional color to the pumpkin.  Paint the apple red with touches of green.  Create and adhere some Makin's Clay® leaves.  Use the Makin's Professional®Ultimate Clay Extruder to create the spirals atop the pumpkin.  Mix brown and green clay and create the apple stem.

Cut FALL from Makin's Clay® using Alphabet Cutter Set.  Stamp Ann Butler Designs Faux Quilting Stamp from Unity Stamps around the edges with ColorBox Crafter's® by Ann Butler from Clearsnap in Deep Woods Ink.

I added in some pinecones, twigs, flowers and twine.  Finally, I sprayed the entire piece with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Copper for a touch of glimmer. 
Paverpol has hardened so the burlap is permanently set and the pumpkin and apples are hard to the touch.

 Thanks for stopping by today.