Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paverpol Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe by Linda Ann Smith

Each month I post a challenge about an artist that was born in that month on my Facebook group called Studio A B See.  This month the artist was Georgia O'Keeffe.  

My work:  I worked with an old bed sheet, Paverpol, and ColourArte paints.

An O'Keeffe Floral

O'Keeffewas born on November 15, 1887, and is well known for her huge florals.  She once said of her florals, “I decided that if I could paint a flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.” O’Keeffe is considered the mother of American Modernism.

Click on the video below to see watch the process I used to create an abstract flower bowl.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Colors of Fall Shadowbox

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with a canvas shadowbox depicting fall.  I love everything about fall from the changing colors to the crunchy leaves to the cooler temperatures.

Today's project reflects the colors and textures of fall.

Use the Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter to cut a Smoothfoam ball in half.

Use Paverpol Light Flesh Tone with fabric and wrap the fabric around one of the half balls.  Twist the fabric at the top and allow some fabric folding for dimension.

Paint another layer of Paverpol on top and add some Pavercotton and paint another layer of Paverpol to seal.

Wrap the 2nd half ball with fabric painted with Transparent Paverpol.

Paint the canvas with assorted colors of paint.  Cut burlap to fit the canvas.  Paint with Transparent Paverpol and adhere to the canvas with additional Transparent Paverpol.  As well as a hardener, Paverpol acts as an adhesive.

Paint real leaves with Transparent Paverpol.  Allow them to fully dry, then paint a second layer of Transparent Paverpol on both the front and back of the leaves.
Assemble all the elements in the shadowbox using Beacon Adhesives.   Add additional color to the pumpkin.  Paint the apple red with touches of green.  Create and adhere some Makin's Clay® leaves.  Use the Makin's Professional®Ultimate Clay Extruder to create the spirals atop the pumpkin.  Mix brown and green clay and create the apple stem.

Cut FALL from Makin's Clay® using Alphabet Cutter Set.  Stamp Ann Butler Designs Faux Quilting Stamp from Unity Stamps around the edges with ColorBox Crafter's® by Ann Butler from Clearsnap in Deep Woods Ink.

I added in some pinecones, twigs, flowers and twine.  Finally, I sprayed the entire piece with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Copper for a touch of glimmer. 
Paverpol has hardened so the burlap is permanently set and the pumpkin and apples are hard to the touch.

 Thanks for stopping by today.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Pen Holder

Today I have a pen holder.
I know...simplicity at it's best right?

I am working on a gift that I thought would be finished by now but
NOPE not happening for me lately!
So I decided to make something I need for my desk at work...
a pen cup.

I started with an old bottle (I save everything) and wrapped it with a
plastic wasn't tight enough so I added rubber bands.

I left it to dry upside down over night.
Like I wrote...BIG MISTAKE.
It stuck to the rubber bands and to the baggie so when
I tried to remove the bottle it was not releasing.
NOW here is where my lack of patience comes in..
I basically ripped it out and ripped the material!
Needless to say it is in the garbage.

So this time I started with a cup...something my hands
can get into and man handle!

I took an old pillow case and soaked a few strips in the transparent Paverpol.
laying them over the cup....

Again I left it to dry over night up side down.
I also added a piece of card board to the bottom for stability.

After it dried I cut a vee out of it and added a zipper,
lace and more of the pillow case (AFTER being soaked in transparent PP).
  I also added a strip of material along the top and on the vee. In hindsight I
should have cut less off the top and cut and then curled the material time.

I may add some flowers or whatnot bit not sure yet.
I'll see what it looks like on my desk.

I have to say I am enjoying learning how to create with this amazing product.
It is messy, sticky, and oh so much fun to play with!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

O Christmas Tree by Linda Ann Smith

Make a Christmas tree from an old ribbed knit tee shirt and transparent Paverpol.

I used Wire Mesh for an armature

And a glass vase for the base.

Watch this video to see how it was done:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Beautiful Lady - Part 2

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with the completion of my newest Paverpol project - Beautiful Lady. 

This is what she looked like in my previous post.

I used a paint brush to add Transparent Paverpol to small strips of fabric that I wrapped around her face and arms.  I found a paint brush worked easier on small pieces of fabric.
I dunked larger fabric strips in the Paverpol to create her dress.

This is what she looks like all covered in fabric.  I wrapped the fabric loosely around her so I could create folds and pleats in her dress.  I allowed her to dry 24 hours then covered her entirely with Gesso.

After letting her dry for another 24 hours, I spritzed her with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

As she dried, the color lightened dramatically.  I added an assortment of flowers around her waist, along the hem and the pleat of her dress.  I also put a small bouquet in her hand.

To finish, I painted her face and hair then created a necklace using Robin's Nest dew drops.

What do you think?  I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out. 

Thanks for stopping by today.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

CAUTION! enter at your own risk!


This is my last Halloween post. I swear.

So if you have seen the other projects I have created lately using Paverpol,
you can see why this was the next logical step...
first the hands...then a it is just a hop to a head!
My husband was worried about this one....

I started out with a foam head...taking a chunk out of it for effect.

I added a strip of material after soaking it in grey Paverpol.
Let it dry for a few day to make sure it would take well.

I soaked a T-shirt in flesh and grey PP.
When I first pulled it out I still had some white I really
soaked it.

 Around the eyes I had a few air pockets so I did poke a few small holes
to get it to lay flatter.

I started to build up my wound by adding
of cork, bits of mica and paint. Then drew/colored the eyes.

Using the same stuff I worked on the "chopped" of part of the head.
I used cork to make the bone.

I bought some eye lashes and a wig....

 Added lots of paint for my bloody areas and a bit of transparent PP to give it the wet look.

Here is a picture of the hands in use...

Looks really cool with the fog when he had it going. 

Hope you had a spooky and wonderful Halloween!