Thursday, November 3, 2016

CAUTION! enter at your own risk!


This is my last Halloween post. I swear.

So if you have seen the other projects I have created lately using Paverpol,
you can see why this was the next logical step...
first the hands...then a it is just a hop to a head!
My husband was worried about this one....

I started out with a foam head...taking a chunk out of it for effect.

I added a strip of material after soaking it in grey Paverpol.
Let it dry for a few day to make sure it would take well.

I soaked a T-shirt in flesh and grey PP.
When I first pulled it out I still had some white I really
soaked it.

 Around the eyes I had a few air pockets so I did poke a few small holes
to get it to lay flatter.

I started to build up my wound by adding
of cork, bits of mica and paint. Then drew/colored the eyes.

Using the same stuff I worked on the "chopped" of part of the head.
I used cork to make the bone.

I bought some eye lashes and a wig....

 Added lots of paint for my bloody areas and a bit of transparent PP to give it the wet look.

Here is a picture of the hands in use...

Looks really cool with the fog when he had it going. 

Hope you had a spooky and wonderful Halloween!

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