Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paverpol Eagle by Linda Ann Smith

Click on the video link at the bottom of this blog to
see how I made the eagle from  
Bronze Paverpol & Paverpol Stockinette
Wire mesh
Cotton Yarn
White acrylic paint

Detail of Tail Feathers

Detail of Eagle Head

Detail of Feet & Claws
Click on the video below:

Friday, October 21, 2016

Beautiful Lady - Part 1

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with my newest Paverpol project. I am really enjoying working with Paverpol

Today I am going to show you how I created this beautiful lady.  I got a lot of inspiration by watching  Linda Ann Smith's videos on creating figures with Paverpol.  She does an amazing job creating figures.

I wanted to use a glass for the base so I began my armiture by folding wire to form the head, neck and arms, and then I pushed the wire through the cork stopper.

Next, I wrapped tin foil around the wire to create the figure.  I continued adding tin foil until I was happy with the result.

I wanted to give her a full dress, so I painted Transparent Paverpol on a paper towel.  I wrapped the paper towel around the glass, creating the dress.

I adhered the paper towel tightly to the top of the glass but allowed it to be free as it cascaded down the glass.  I also allowed the paper towel to flow along the bottom.  Allow to dry 24 hours before continuing.  This allows the paper towel to harden in the free flowing shape.

Next I cut a t-shirt into strips.  I dunked the strips in Transparent Paverpol and then wrapped the strips around the figure.  I continued adding strips until I was happy with the result.  Allow 24 hours for the piece to dry before continuing.
So I think she is beautiful so far, but I still have a lot of work to do.  Please stop by in 2 weeks and see my final beautiful lady reveal. 
Thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chainsawed Foot

Kim here and as I wrote 2 weeks ago
I love Halloween.
So sticking with the same theme as last time

 (my friend and co-worker is going to have a table
set up with a chain saw and needed a few items to go with it....)
I used wire this time to make the foot outline
then built it up with the foil and tape. I found
this so much easier with making the toes.

I used the flesh Paverpol to give it a more realistic feel.
I also found that it worked best to do either the top or the bottom
first with the material, not try to wrap it all.
It not only made it easier to work with but it dried faster that way.

I built up the edges of my material so I could add
a piece of a cork to make into a bone...
(I save everything, never know when it will come in handy)

Then added some flower soft and grit to create the meaty part,
soaking it all in transparent Paverpol. Adding a few mica flakes to give a bit more 
bone texture. Of course had to paint it and make it drip.

I cut some of the fake nails I used on my hands to make toe nails and
painted them a burgundy red.

(even added a little crystal)

I really tried to get this to look as close to real as I could.
I think it will look fabulous in Jerry's Halloween display!
I still have a lot to learn...but I am loving what I can create with this product!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paverpol Ballerina by Linda Ann Smith

Paverpol Ballerina
 See the video of how I made her HERE:

 Formed on a wire armature

 with foil added to "flesh out" the forms.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Paverpol Pumpkin Jars

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with my newest Paverpol project. I am really enjoying working with Paverpol and discovering  the wide variety of projects I can create.  As we head towards Halloween, it's time to start decorating.

I found some Bell Jars and decided to use Paverpol Fleshtone for my project, so I poured some into a plastic bowl.

I added some Terracotta Paver Color and mixed it in the Paverpol.
Next I tore strips of paper and dunked them in the mix.

Pulling the strips of paper from the Paverpol, I removed the excess and wrapped the strips around the jars.  I created texture by leaving some lumps and bumps in the paper as I wrapped the strips around the jars.

I continued adding Paverpol until the jars were covered.  Then I used a paint brush to add additional Paverpol around the jars until the jars looked like Terracotta.  I then placed them aside to dry.

I'm loving the texture.  Once dry, I added a bit of black paint to each and then wiped off the excess.  Then I used left over scraps of Makin's Clay® to create faces for the pumpkins.

Finally I glued yarn around the caps and added pumpkin handles created from Makin's Clay®.

These jars are perfect Halloween decorations.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween Hands!

It's starting to cool off.
(OK not that cool in AZ but it's getting there)
And that means it's getting closer to HALLOWEEN!

For my project this week I am making what I call "SPOOKY HANDS"
for a friend and co-worker.

He is really into creating a horror for the kids to walk through
so these hands will be coming up through a pallet that will be in the ground with a 
light and spooky noises. I am making 6 total for him.

I started out with what has become my go to materials...
aluminum foil and masking tape.

I used my hands as models and then bulked a few of them up.

Using my mixture of grey and bronze Paverpol I soaked some
cotton T-shirt strips. Tried to layer them in such a way as I could get some
cool looking cuts and gashes. And added fake nails

After they dried I started painting. 
Even using some grit medium to try to get a chunky look.

I used different colors of paint to get some contrast
and added red for blood to some of the finger nails...he will add some 
drippy candle wax from them once it is all set up.
I love Halloween and for me these were so much fun to create.
Using the Paverpol allowed me to make something that will be durable
and will last for years to come.