Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween Hands!

It's starting to cool off.
(OK not that cool in AZ but it's getting there)
And that means it's getting closer to HALLOWEEN!

For my project this week I am making what I call "SPOOKY HANDS"
for a friend and co-worker.

He is really into creating a horror for the kids to walk through
so these hands will be coming up through a pallet that will be in the ground with a 
light and spooky noises. I am making 6 total for him.

I started out with what has become my go to materials...
aluminum foil and masking tape.

I used my hands as models and then bulked a few of them up.

Using my mixture of grey and bronze Paverpol I soaked some
cotton T-shirt strips. Tried to layer them in such a way as I could get some
cool looking cuts and gashes. And added fake nails

After they dried I started painting. 
Even using some grit medium to try to get a chunky look.

I used different colors of paint to get some contrast
and added red for blood to some of the finger nails...he will add some 
drippy candle wax from them once it is all set up.
I love Halloween and for me these were so much fun to create.
Using the Paverpol allowed me to make something that will be durable
and will last for years to come.

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  1. These are totally awesome Kim!! Would love to see a picture of your friend's place when this is all done.