Monday, May 16, 2016

Paverpol Design Team CALL

Paverpol USA is looking for a few awesome Artists to showcase their multifaceted paint products.
We’re looking for talented artists and designers who know how to inspire others to create.
Do YOU like to make
     *Mixed Media Projects
     *3-D projects 
For those that also seek opportunities to have their work prominently featured, Paverpol USA’s Design Team is a great fit!

What’s expected of a Paverpol USA Design Team Member?

Paverpol USA Blog team:
·       Inspiring Projects with Step out and/or video showing the process. We will not accept 2 photos and a finished piece with text stating how you did that step. We need the steps documented so the reader can duplicate your process.
·       Minimum (3) Good photos of finished project 1. picture of project 2. Photo with product and projects and a featured close-up of a really cool part of the project.

What are the responsibilities of a Paverpol USA Design Team Member?

* The Paverpol USA Design Team is a 6-month hitch, from July 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016.
* Create a minimum of 2 projects per month. Post them on both your blog and Paverpol USA’s blog on your assigned dates each month.  Date assignments will be given when the team is picked.
*Participate in Paverpol USA Youtube it is imperative we support each other
* Participate on Paverpol USA’s Facebook – this is a MUST!
* Submit work for publication. Paverpol USA’s will share project submission opportunities from their editorial contacts.
* Take part in one Blog Hop/ Video Hop during the 6 months. Date to be announced.
* Promote Paverpol USA! Post Blog and Video projects created during your six-month term on other online galleries and blogs. Include working links to Paverpol USA’s blog and to products used on Paverpol USA’s website.
*Share each blog and Video post during your term on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

What are the rewards of a Paverpol USA Design Team member?
* Your bio, picture and link(s) on Paverpol USA’s blog
* Promotion of your work and projects to Paverpol USA’s Newsletter, Facebook and Blog members, and a growing international community.
* FREE product valued at $200 value Split in two shipments: One for the first 3 months and another for the second 3 months
* New Products released or prior to release during your term as available. Standard confidentiality applies.

Apply today! Here’s how:
1) Send your bio, blog address and Facebook info to with “DT applications Paverpol” in the subject line (this way you don’t end up in Junk Mail – I get lots of spam) by June 11th, 2016

2) Deadline: Must have a bio to Terri Sproul by June 11th, 2016.
    Next Deadline: post a project on YOUR blog on June 12th at 12AM EST for use to view. The post must include Paverpol USA’s logo you were sent by Terri Sproul, Step by step directions on how to make this project with links to Paverpol USA’s blog and website. Your submission project can be anything you love to make … Sculpture, Mixed Media, Altered Art, and Eco-Art. Just think outside the box and impress us.

3) Like our Facebook page and blog  – this is a MUST and is very important to the success of our team!

What to include with your emailed submission –
* Send project(s) to view: Step by step directions on how to make this project with links to Paverpol USA’s blog and website. Your submission project can be anything you love to make … Scrapbook, Cards, Mixed Media, Altered Art, Eco-Art…Just think outside the box and impress me…

* We want to know all about you! Send in your bio
* Please describe your style (genre): Portraits, Abstract, mixed media, vintage, altered art, eco-art, urban, etc.
* Please Explain why would you like to be on the Paverpol USA Design Team and how you can contribute.
* Are you frugal, organized, have marketing ideas etc… Please share what strengths you can bring to our team.
* Include the link to your active blog
* Are you active on any Forums or Message Boards? (Please List)
* Give an example of a class or technique you would like to share with others. If it is one you have done previously please describe or link to it.
* Please list any other manufacturer or store/kit DT’s you’ve been on or are currently on. Do you have a scrapbook resume, or a link to a gallery, Please share it with us.

Final decisions will be made the week of June 26th. Paverpol USA’s Design Team will be announced shortly thereafter!!

Good Luck!!!!!