Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mermaid Bookmark

Hi, everyone.  I am Sandy and this is my first shared project.
Once a year, we vacation in the Caribbean, and I always make
sure to pack sample sizes of Paverpol in my carry-on.  This year,
I used the transparent to make a bookmark for my daughter. 
Sitting here surrounded by snow, I thought we could
all use a little reminder of warmth and sunshine.

List of materials:
2 pieces of 2” x  8” paper strips cut from my sketch pad
(or whatever size you want your bookmark)
Transparent Paverpol www.paverpolusa.com
Face – made from polymer clay and commercial push mold
(optional – can sketch one or use stamp or stencil)
Paverplast for shell “top” – (optional – can sketch “au naturelle” version)
ColourArte Twinkling H2O watercolors – (these travel well)
Watercolor pencils
Bits of ribbon, netting, and silk fabric for tail – any natural 
fabric will do
                                                                   Brush for Paverpol and paints

Brush Paverpol on one side of each paper strip and press together, smoothing the entire length
of the strips as well as the edges. You could skip this step and only use one strip but doubling
them makes for a stronger, more durable bookmark. 

Next, sketch your mermaid on what will be the front of your bookmark.  If you don’t trust your
sketching skills, you can use a stamp, stencil, or tracing from a mermaid image.

Once happy with your image, brush over it with the transparent Paverpol, let dry (you can use a hair
dryer to speed up this step), flip over and repeat on the blank backside of the bookmark.    

Let dry, then start painting your background ocean colors on the backside and around the mermaid
image on the front side. 

If you are using a clay face, attach it with Paverpol and let dry. 
Then cut the wrapper into ¼” strips, no need to be exact, dip them into Paverpol and arrange as ”hair”
around the face.

While that is drying, if you would like to make “shells” for a modest mermaid like this one, mix a small
amount of Paverpol and Paverplast together until you have a clay-like consistency.  With your “clay”,
form two small balls large enough to cover the desired area when flattened.  You can score lines across
the surface to make them look more shell-like or press a real shell into the surface to add texture.

I used green silk cut to the shape of the upper part of the tail and treated with Paverpol to apply it flatly.
I used a small scrap of metallic green netting to simulate scales.  Even though this wasn’t a natural fiber,
it was a small area and still worked well with the Paverpol.  You could also use an old fishnet stocking,
Stockinette (www.paverpolusa.com) or simply paint scales onto the silk.  I used the same green silk
treated with Paverpol for the lower part of the tail.  I scrunched it during the application to give the
impression of a “flowing tail” but still pressed it flat, keeping in mind that it would eventually be pressed
between the pages of my daughter’s book. 

Lastly, I finished painting the body, face, and hair with Twinkling H2O watercolors from ColourArte
and set it aside to dry thoroughly before using it. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Good evening everyone! This is Christa, the importer and Sr. Trainer for Paverpol USA. I was trained in Holland by Jossy De Roode in 2005.

Since my first Paverpol project, I've firmly believed that Paverpol will change the way art and crafts are created. Our hope is to broaden your knowledge about Paverpol as a tool, and give you direction, instruction and inspiration for using our products.

When you are working with Paverpol, you can thin it with a little warm water. Pour about as much as you'll think you'll need into a plastic container. (Don't dip fabric into the original container, as it will shed lint into your product.) You can add up to 2 tablespoons of warm water to each cup of Paverpol, and stir thoroughly. This will make it a little smoother to work with while not affecting the strength of the finish project.

Relax and have fun!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How To Keep Inspire To Create?

My name is Gloriann Irizarry and I wanted to welcome you to the Paverpol USA Inspirational Blog.
Paverpol has created a fantastic team to inspire, create and share ideas via this blog. Stay tune and subscribed to learn from the many tips and tricks soon to be shared here.
Today I wanted to start with a great way tip to the one question I guess asked a lot.

How do you keep inspired to create? 

Sound simple but sometimes the inspiration seems to take a vacation. Now in order for you not to feel in a inspirational hole I got a few tips to help you get and keep those creative gears moving.
Glori's Monthly Tip

Tip #1

Keep an art journal and a pencil always handy. I always have one handy at the night stand or a small one in your purse with you. Feel free to keep has many has you want.  You really don't know when those creative ideas are going to pop in your head and even thou your not ready to complete the idea writing it down or sketching it will really save you the trouble to later on trying to remember what was that amazing idea you came up while your were at the doctors office or while waiting in line for lunch. Use it don't be afraid of taking your journal and write things downs.

This brings me to Tip #2

Don't be afraid to write details information about the idea down. Yes I had people said but I don't keep a journal because I do not know how to draw. Well to tell you the truth I know people that create amazing works of art and others that can barely doddle and still sculpt amazing. The journal is just a guide you kept so every time your out and enjoying the nature or viewing things that spark the imagination you can write them down and then continue with the normal daily routine and then when your ready to create to sculpt the instructions or template will be already there for you to follow. You can write them, doddle them or sketch them down what ever you do it will come very helpful for you. Then once your ready to work things will be a lot easier when your ready to start the project or craft you want.

Tip #3 

Organize your project idea material list. If your journal don't have what you want and feel like creating something totally new start by laying some items down in front of you. Choose some of you favorite fabric materials. The size of the armature you want your piece to be. Pick come of your favorite fabrics, wooden plaques, favorite Styrofoam shapes, aluminum foil and Creative Paperclay, Paverpol and lay it all down in front of you or in your working area sometimes looking at all these shapes, colors and forms could spark ideas or your next new project.

Some times having all these materials in front of your might help you come up with a totally new concept and create a new project that has no been added to your art/ideas journal.
Now don't be afraid to try or add other materials to your list or try to make it a challenge by adding a unique item like a soda bottle or a glass weird shape bottle

Example of a good how to keep inspire challenge would be
How could I include this unique shape Japanese soda bottle in my next project. Sometimes what the brains needs is a challenge to get those inventing gears moving.
Is all matter of patience and time both evenly distribute for you to come up with a great idea. Now do not try to force it if you don't end up right away with it is ok to walk away and rest. Do something else and come later to try to challenge your self again the beauty of the mind is that eventually that light bulb on top will light up.
Now I do hope this monthly tip help you to get inspire. The main trick is not to give up.
Have a great New year 2016 everyone and please stay tune for more tips and tutorials coming up.
Sincerely ,

Gloriann Irizarry

for Paverpol Designer 2016 Team






Friday, January 1, 2016

My First Post

I just want to say "Hello" to my new design team....though I can't sing it like Adele the sentiment is the same! I think 2016 will be a exciting year for us as we get to know each other. My hubby Ty and I are so looking forward to sharing ideas and projects.