Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fabric designs with Transparent Paverpol

Hi again,
Rosalie Levi here, Visual Artist/Sculptor and certified Paverpol Instructor from Montreal, Canada.
As an experienced Paverpol user, I have enjoyed working with patterned fabric and showing its lovely designs to enhance my sculptures.
So, my tip is this:
Search out 100% cotton patterns.  I like small repeating patterns, so when they are on the sculpture, they look proportionate to the figure. To highlight the fabrics pattern the way you want it to be seen in the "clothing" of the Paverpol figure. measure and pre-cut your pieces exactly or as close as possible to what you need.  Then pour a small amount of transparent Paverpol into a container, and dip your pieces of clothing one piece at a time, and thoroughly work it through the fabric. Apply the piece onto the sculpture (note: if you are using a thin fabric, the colour of the body may show through. If you want to avoid this, cover the Paverpol figure with white t-shirt strips wherever the clothing will go, to minimized or eliminate this problem.)

Note that transparent Paverpol is ideal for exterior sculptures.

enjoy Paverpolling!!
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Friday, April 1, 2016

Working with Paverpol and dye fibers Tip by Gloriann Irizarry

Hello everyone Gloriann Irizarry here.
today I have  a nice tip for you to store and easy work with your Paverpol product.
When I work with the making of my ooak Paverpol Art Dolls
I notice the clear Paverpol is my personal favorite so far.
Now I also love cotton fibers. They are very versatile,  useful and most important easy to add color. 
Now when you dye the natural fibers make sure you follow the instructions from the dye manufacturer. I use Rit on my cottons and these were my result. I love how beautiful they turned out.
Tip #1 The Paverpol cottons fabrics respond good to dyes. Since the material is all natural they look amazing when you dye them. It will give it a unique color to any of your one of a kind projects.
But when you dye fabrics will get some bleed of the color to your clear Paverpol.
I found an easy fix to this. I have a rule of never work directly from the original container
.Always pour a little of Paverpol to a tight seal container and work from there. Just make sure you clean the Paverpol off around the top of the seal area so you don't end up with a dry chunk not letting the container to seal back up.


You can also use small mason jars. They are very good to seal the liquid and keeping it from drying.

Now if you have access to baby food glass jars they are pretty good at keeping the Paverpol from drying and if any of the cotton fabric bleeds a little it will not get all over your next project. 
Here it is the Fushia Rit dye. I sued the same dye but applied it for less time to the lighter color. The longer you leave the fibers soaking the richer the ending result will be.

Have in mind some of the dye will bleed at times but if you follow this storage trick you can guarantee you will not ruin all your clear Paverpol and your next project will always look sharp.
Make sure you seal the containers tightly every time your done working with the Paverpol so you can use it on later color relevant projects. I hope these little tips help you guys with any future projects feel free to comment or emails us any questions so we can make so more helpful tips and tricks
Have a great day sincerely