Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Lighted Angel

Today I want to show you an angel I made using 
lace, beads, tulle, masking tape, aluminum foil and lights.
OH and a bit of Paverpol!

 A friend of mine was looking over my shoulder as I was perusing Pinterest..
checking out all the amazing creations that have been made
using the Paverpol product. Upon seeing an angel she asked
if I could do that.
OF COURSE I replied....inside thinking all I can do is try.

I started out with the basics...making a head and torso with aluminum foil
and masking tape.
 This was my first try...

As you can see I added a clay mask to the face.
Looks good right?
Well it was not going to work.
I could not get the arms to go down where I wanted them.
I tried to heat them...which worked a bit but the face started to get melty.
Then I tried to snip under the arms and snipped a bit to far.
So I decided to try to make it in pieces.

The reason I needed the arms together was I wanted her to be holding a
light BUT the bodice of the dress has beads and is thick.

After I attached the bodice piece I added the arms using some Paverpol and
a little piece of wire. I notched the hands in the back so the light could come up behind the skirt 
and attach to the hands.
Kinda got ahead of myself but it all worked together.
So I found a piece of lace I fell in love with...cut it to the size I wanted, sewed the
top to make a gather and then laid it out to be covered in PP.
At this point I also added a layer of tulle to give the underside more
support for the light strand to attach to.
I only waited until it started to harden..about 2 and half hours so that it
could be attached to the torso and molded the way I wanted.

I missed a few steps I wanted pictures of...the inside where the lights
were attached and of the wings but we are way passed that now!

This was before the wings and hair were added.

I didn't like the front hang of the skirt so I heated it up,
 then pulled and stretched to get it right.

VIOLA no wrinkle at the bottom!
Have I said how much I love working with this product!

I added the wings and hair using the transparent PP as well.
You can see where the PP has not completely dried on the hair...but once it 
did it looked amazing.

This was my first real try at painting a face...that is 
the only thing I wish turned out better!

She ended up being about 18" tall and has 55 lights.
I may just make one for me!
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