Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wall Hanging By Kim Kelley

A wall hanging with Paverpol.

I was thrilled with how easy it was to create my own background and
with just a few items an actual project you can hang up as decor.

I started out using bits and pieces of the Pavercotton as well as some cheesecloth.

The larger pieces I did end up soaking them in a plastic bag with the transparent Paverpol
but the smaller ones I used a paint brush to get it where I wanted them to adhere to each other.


Since I knew I wanted this to hang I wrapped the edges on
a dowel I had laying around.

After manuvering the pieces around and around
and around I finally got them where I wanted them.

And let it dry...
Surprisingly that process does not take that long.
With in a few hours, even in the thickest areas, it was completely dry.
I chose a digital image from The East Wind...printing her with
a scripture "Psalm 139:14" and screwed it up. Of course it wasn't until
I had colored AND adhered her to the background that I noticed it! ARG

Yup...spelled wonderfully with out the f.
So I changed it, reprinted, recolored and glued the neck portion on.

I added some chain and then shear ribbon to hang with and ended up
with a cute and simple wall hanging.
Now a lot of people would have fix it, moved on and NEVER admitted to it...
but for me that's not what art is's about;
creating, messing up, changing it, learning from it and
passing on what we learn.