Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paverpol Goddess by Linda Ann Smith

To view a video about how to make this  goddess wall hanging click here:


Materials needed:

Paverpol Transparent Fabric Hardener
Mask base
Fabric scraps
Vivid Ultra-Metallic Paints:  African Jade, Pink Azalea, Ginger Peach, Snapdragon, Lemongrass, True-Silver

Cover working surfaces with plastic.
Begin with a mask form from a craft store. 
Cover it with plastic cling wrap so it can be reused later.
Brush transparent Paverpol Fabric Hardener onto fabric scraps.

Arrange over mask base overlapping seams

Drape long piece of fabric around mask base.

Let dry.

Paint with Vivid Ultra-Metallics

Finish with Varnish

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