Thursday, July 7, 2016

Seam Binding and Paverpol

Hi, Kim here.

As I am new to Paverpol products
I wanted to try using it in different ways and since
trial and error have always worked for me; here we go.

I choose to use the Transparent Paverpol on my first ever
project for the design team. 
It does come in other colors but with what I had decided to go with
on my project I figured the transparent was best.
Never having used this type of fabric hardener I wasn't sure
what would be the easiest way to go about using it.
Do I pour it in a a plastic bag... 
Since I had decided to create a canvas adding seam binding 
as branches and leaves...
 (drew it out on the canvas)
I started with a plastic bag.
I know, I know it does not look that appealing, but
it worked pretty well. A bit messy and definitely had to use gloves!

For the leaves I used a bowl. Sorry I did not get a picture...
by the time I got this far my hands were sticky!

One of the things I loved about this product was after getting placed on the canvas
I did not have to add anything else..nothing to make it stick...nothing
to make it lay dried right where I wanted it.

The seam binding I used had been pieces that over
the years I had "colored" with left over would soak the color 
right up...sometimes creating amazing patterns.
BUT because of that and my messy fingers some of
the color bleed over onto the canvas. Wanting to keep it white
I had to do some touching up.
The leaves I was a bit less messy with!

After allowing it to dry over night I decided to add pre-made flowers.
Next time I want to try my hand at using the seam binding for that as well.

Close up...

I am still trying to decide if I want to paint it a different color
or add words to it. 
We'll see.
Thank you for joining me
and I hope I gave you a little inspiration to
create something today!

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