Thursday, December 15, 2016

Simple Cuff

This is the most simple project I have made to date with

I made a simple cuff...that can be embellished
if I want to.

I started out with a small piece of scrap material...
using a paint brush I added transparent Paverpol to it.
Making sure is was covered all over.

I ended up adding s few extra scraps of material and folding
it up inside.

Honestly I could havemade it a bit bigger but initially I was
going to tie it together or use chain...then changed my mind.

Using a bottle I laid it over it to try to create a shape.

But that made it a bit to wide for my wrist so I changed the bottle for some wire.

I really wanted a metallic look so I painted it black and started adding
some gold, bronze and aged bronze paint.


Again real simple, yet a fun project to create.
And it doesn't use a lot of product!

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