Thursday, August 18, 2016

Flower Pot Fairy

Welcome to another trial and error of Kim and Paverpol!

I have been trying to watch and read anything and everything
I can about creating with Paverpol products.
The problem is I am the type of person that no matter what
is watched or read; trial and error is still the best way I learn.
For this project I started with a normal every day pot...
 Then a container of flesh and bronze PP that I added...
I ended up with a pulpy mess, but not to be stopped by a bit of pulp...
I made it work...took awhile to spread it and make it stick.
I ended up adding some gray and bronze PP to the dried pot...
Wanting to make it look like a true pot I added mesh, black/gray
bits of gravel, a paper plate (I soaked with PP) and sand...
The gravel ends up on top of the mesh but the pictures did 
not take real well because it's real shiny.
I was real happy with the way the paper plate and sand turned out.
I wasn't sure if the sand would harden enough using transparent PP
but itdid. That sucker is hard as a glass plate!
Next I started my fairy.
Started with wire, aluminum foil, and masking tape.
Then added cut up t-shirt dipped in flesh and bronze PP...
 The clothes I used gray PP but added a few powders to end up with a
purplish color. Made a mess and had to go back over my little fairy
with the initial flesh and bronze combo.
The wings were an actual butterfly I had that I painted transparent PP on,
then poured red and gold glitter over both sides. 
Glued them on and added a few fabric flowers to her head...
Then added everything together and here is my Flower Pot Fairy...

Oh and I added some spanish moss that was soaked in PP.
Not exactly how I started out picturing it but some mistakes turn out
to be wonderful finished products!

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