Thursday, September 1, 2016

Under The Sea

I am going to show you a mermaid
I created using not only Paverpol the hardener but

 I went to visit my sister in Florida a few years ago and
came back with a few pieces of driftwood SOOO when
I thought I would create something with a mermaid
I figured this was the perfect time to use one the wood pieces!

 I actually added some PP to seal it and then sprinkled some
sand on top as well.
Once that dried I started on my mermaid.
I used a thicker wire, wrapped some aluminum foil and masking tape
and then coated her with t-shirt strips dipped in a cambo
(sorry I was making her while watching TV and forgot to get pics of that stage)
Since I had received my container of ART STONE (YEAH!)
I decided to try it out.
I added some grey PP mixed with a bit of red Paver color powder and 
"painted" her tail with it.
While still wet I added the art stone BUT wanted a mix of colors
so I just started dotting and dabbing a few powder Paver Colors.
The only thing I was worried about was once I got it the color I wanted
and the powder mixed in, it still had a dusty feel to it.
So I added transparent PP, but that took some of the pops of color away.

I ended up trying some yarn for hair...gotta work on perfecting that! 
 I think it still turned out pretty cool looking.
Trial and error, that's my middle name!

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