Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Garden Angel

Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here today with my newest Paverpol project I've called My Garden Angel.

My Garden Angel stands guard in a perfect spot in my garden.

I began by covering the paper mache figure with paper towels that I coated with Transparent Paverpol.  I find the paper towels are a nice way to create texture when creating with Paverpol and paper towels are very forgiving. 

Once she dried, I mixed 2 parts Transparent Paverpol and 1 part Paversand in a container until I had a nice smooth consistency.

I painted a light layer of the mixture on my figure.  Once she dried, I painted on a second layer.  This mixture created a hardened figure that can stay outside.

Next, I used Pavercotton dipped in Transparent Paverpol to create her hair which I wrapped around her face and draped across her torso.  I wanted a whispy look so I pulled and separated the Pavercotton while it was still wet.

I added some Antique Gold Pavercolor to Transparent Paverpol and applied to her hair for some color.

Once she dried, I added a cameo on her chest and some buttons along the bottom edge of her dress.

She now stands guard in my garden.

Thanks for stopping by.