Friday, March 17, 2017

Creating A Journal With Paverpol

 Creating A Journal With Paverpol
I wanted to share something fun AND quick with you today.

I took a plain old $1 store journal and turned it into
something any one would love to carry around.

This one I created using fabric (for the spine) that had been sitting in
some flesh colored Paverpol for the last few months.

I was scared it would not be fresh enough but there
were no problems. If you keep it in a sealed tight container AND
the fabric is completely submerged then I have had
no problems with it lasting.

This one I used the same fabric BUT decided to try the plaster
I had made using transparent Paverpol and the paverplast on the actual cover.
I turned out better than I thought.

AGAIN make sure when storing your left overs,
do it in a seal tight container.
I have tried some of the $1 store containers and not all
seal the same. I will squeeze them in the store with the lids on and see if
they make noise!

I did not take a lot of pictures on the first journal.
It was a gift I made for our Youth Pastor Rachelle at our church.
 But here are a few...

Because the fabric was in flesh color I painted over it in black...
then added some satin finish to it.

The second journal I took a few more pics...

I just smeared it on with a pallet knife and let is dry
for a few hours...
Added the fabric after only this time painted it white.
I didn't like the edge I ended up with so I added some
ribbon to disguise it.

I used metallic paints to go over the plaster and 
again added satin finish on the whole thing for more shine.

I really am thrilled with how both turned out.

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