Monday, August 15, 2016

Yoga Tree Pose

WOW! what a project…over 60 hours and I enjoyed every minute!

You can (talking to myself) research until you've memorized every tutorial on a product, but until you are up to your elbows in Paverpol, you won't figure out what works best for your particular project. I love scupture, so I wanted to do my own body. I decided to use Creative PaperClay since I hadn't used it before.

There is a full process video on my YouTube channel…it will be live in a few hours and I'll edit with the link here. Below are some step-out instructions.


Using a macrame ring and a circular piece of styrofoam, I made my base. When it broke into two halves, I ended up gluing and taping it to hold and left for a few days to cure.


The armature was a new one for me, too. It involved a left and right side, hand to foot. R and L mirror each other, with a bend for the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot. Then a length of 16 gauge wire folded in half to form a head. The remaining wire wraps around the spine area of the left and right pieces. Viol å! A body! Now all I had to do was form the flesh and muscles.


Using aluminum foil and masking tape I started with the head. Remember to leave room for it getting bigger with the clay! I took my time with the features, learning how the clay worked for the result I wanted. Mine turned out a bit too big, but isn't that noticeable. Is it?

Now for the body. Foil and tape, then formed with clay. I modeled the position of the body as the clay setup. Working in stages, her waist developed a crack because I was not finished with the legs. I decided to anchor the foot to the opposite knee so it could stabilize.

After curing, I put a small piece of masking tape around the crack. Mixing some of the clay with water, I made a slurry. About the consistency of heavy cream, then I could brush on a thin layer to smooth out some of her lumps and bumps. After curing this time, I took to her with my Sand-It tools and dry sanded her.


I brushed bronze Paverpol all over her body. I got a very smooth finish this way and was very pleased.


Back to the base. I started with muslin strips and transparent Paverpol. That became an exercise in futility, so after it cured, I took an old grey t-shirt and used the sleeves to cover the base with two pieces. Added bonus is that the grey cloth turned a granite color when cured.


I started with a piece of cotton shop towel (Sam's Club Scott brand "Rags"). These are heavy duty and have no embossed pattern. I wanted to make it look like Yoga clothes. Using the transparent Paverpol again, I tinted it with ColourArte Primary Elements. I painted her body, formed the cloth, then painted a coat on top of the cloth, encouraging wrinkles wherever I could.

For her top, I used a piece of leftover cloth that had been tinted with wipe ups. It had the same color, but in a more tie-dyed pattern. I formed her top the same way, and coated her on top with transparent Paverpol.

With a coral crochet thread, I made a rope to tie around her waiste, and brushed it with the transparent Paverpol. I then used a single thread to decorate her top.


I made a braid with the clay because I wanted her braid to be on the outside of her top. When it cured, I painted it with Bronze Paverpol to match her body.


Looking through my stash, I found a spool of smoky blue wired ribbon. It was twisted under her extended leg and through her arms. It will be coated with transparent Paverpol and will wrap around the brass ring. With the remaining blue Paverpol, I plan to put a stencil on the base and age it to look weathered. I want a few days to resolve these last details.

No point in rushing her now!

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