Thursday, August 4, 2016

Aerial Silks

Kim, here...and today I am bringing you my first ever try at creating a body sculpture.

When I starting checking out what Paverpol could do...
my thoughts went to Pink, when she performed at one of the award shows
doing aerial silks...then a friend brought it up and I thought I should be
able to create SOMETHING that looks like that!

So here is what I did...

My first thought was clay, then covered in material soaked in Paverpol (PP)...

Started out well. But once dried and I started to wrap it so did not 
hold up to my hands moving it about.
So I moved on to aluminum foil, then covered in
masking tape, and finally wrapped cheesecloth that was soaked in
flesh colored PP with a touch of bronze PP.
And again...that did not work. The cheesecloth just didn't allow
me to wrap it as tightly as I wanted.

Using the same mixture of PP I tried it with seam binding...

With the seam binding I was able to manipulate the figure and get
not only some shape but some texture.

I played around with my material that I was going to use for my silks...

Now for the actual stand...

Using a spool from a $1 bin some stain and wire I created
the base and support for my dancer.

I finally was happy with the layout of silks and placement of the dancer, added
my transparent PP and called it done.

I am pretty happy with my first try but with time and practice it
will only get better!

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