Friday, February 10, 2017

Fun With Paverplast!

Let's have some fun with Paverpol's Paverplast!

We got to have some fun with 2 Paverpol products that I
have not used before...Paverplast and Paversand.

This month we received a box containing a few items to create with...think of the food
show Chopped...we got Paverpol transparent, the plast, 
sand, some Paver powder and form...then we get to create something using the products.

I chose to cut my form so that I could have a flat back piece.

Mixing 500g of transparent PP and 100g of PP Plast I created a stiff mixture
to cover the form with..I saved an old bucket to mix and store the
compound in.

I wanted to add the sand in as well as some of the PaverColor so
I put it in a smaller container so I could get the consistancy where I wanted it.
The PaverColor turned it gray rather than antique gold...
so I think I messed up adding it in at that point.

I covered the half form with my mixture...since I wanted it to look more like
a dress, I left the long lines in it.

I left it to dry for almost 2 days, then started to paint.
I used 4 different shades of gold. It is hard to get that in a photo but
in person you can see the different shimmers.
After that dried for a half day I added black...wiping most of it off.

While the form was drying I started on my canvas.
Taking a 12 x 16 canvas I used PP Cotton and transparent PP
to attach to the canvas.

 I used some gold sprays to add some color to the cotton.
Using transparent PP I attached it to the canvas.
The picture of the wings turned out horrible...but using a printed copy of digital
wings with a piece of plastic over it I "drew" the wings with
PP in a bottle and before drying I added glitter and PP Color.
I also added 2 scriptures about Angels.

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