Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just A Swinging

Have you ever had an idea that got stuck in your head,
something that you knew you had to create or it would drive you nuts?
Well that is what happened with me...

I got this knobby gnarled looking tree stuck in my head and had
to do something with it.
Initially I was going to do a Halloween themed something, but
was not ready for that yet.

So using aluminum foil and masking tape I created my tree...
once done I started using some of my ribbon scraps, pieces of twine
and small strips of fibers; trying for a uneven bark like look.
I used several colors of Paverpol (combos of grey, bronze and flesh)
as well as adding Paver Color to transparent to get different shades.

Knowing I wanted a swinging child I attached the tree to a piece of styrofoam
after having used grey PP and light brown and green Paver Color on it.

I love that I could use PP transparent to attach it right to the 
To attach the "swing" I drilled a hole through the limb (YES it was hard enough 
and strong enough) and ran a chain through it.
For my little swinger I molded her using aluminum foil and tape
then added cotton strips soaked in flesh and bronze PP.
After she dried I painted a shirt and shorts on her.
And using twine soaked in transparent PP for hair then paint for color.

I attached her to the chain with transparent PP
After setting it all up I decided it needed something
extra so I added a few fabric flowers.



  1. Kim, I love this! Thanks so much for making your idea come to life!

  2. Kim, I love this! Thanks so much for making your idea come to life!