Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Paverpol Paper Mosaic 3D and 2D

     Whether a 3D form such as the skull or 2D projet of the two Alligators the first step in this proess is to make the materials to be cut up into tile shapes.  Cardstock or watercolor paper is a good choice because it warps less when wetted with Paverpol. www.paverpolusa.com
      The technique for this is to use a flat med-soft brush and work quickly on loose paper. You can tack the corners to hold in place but remove while wet to help reduce warping.  Keep the Paverpol thin to brush easily. Mixing the beautiful colourarte pigments www.colourarte.com into the Paverpol gives beautiful mettalic iridescent colors to the paverpol.  You  can mix colors or layer colors to get interesting effects.

Any warping or curling of the papers isn't really a problem but you can iron the papers using a low setting over a teflon sheet with the paverpol side down. Make sure you use all the proper steps to make sure you get rid of the water with paverpol properly and not down the sink!
collect solids and get rid of them in the garbage.
  When your pieces are dry thoroughly you can start cutting the paper tiles. You can cut them before you start your project or as you go along, or both. You paint a small area on your project with Paverpol and add your tiles at the "magic moment" which means as it feels tacky but not dry. It will become more clear as you go along. You will need to clean your hands and scissors frequently.

     By leaving a small space between the paper tiles you have room to later add the "grout" which is just using a marker with a small tip of gray, sepia, or brick color allowing you to color the space between the tiles. A second way is to use a small plastic bottle with a pointed tip and mix any color you desire and squeeqe a thin line in the grout spaces.
    After you have totally finished your project you can paint the whole piece with Paverpol. If you are doing a larger piece and want to place it outside put 2-3 coats of Paverpol and finish with 2 coats of Varnish. If your piece is for inside only you dont have to worry about an outside type finish.

     Above are some otherr pictures of Paverpol Paper Mosaics.

Paverpol  www.paverpolusa.com
colourarte pigments www.colourarte.com
foam skull or 8x10 canvas board  Walmart
small scissors
card stock, scrapbook paper,  syringe with pointed tip Michaels
markers with small tips.